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By: Christa Elrod | October 13, 2017

Every company looks forward to establish a seamless communication path with its customers. Well, you may have already made substantial investments on your helpdesk to provide necessary support to your customers. Have you considered the language with which they will be comfortable?

multilingual customer service outsourcing  

The most common issue with customer support is the lack of multilingual support. As you expand your client base, the demographic area also keeps on widening. Therefore, you should consider the social and cultural backgrounds of your customers when you provide them with the necessary support.

You would never want to lose your customers simply because you are not compatible with their language. Global companies prefer multilingual customer service outsourcing to overcome this crisis. You must lookout for a reliable partner to provide adequate support to your customers.

Companies which expand their business across the borders need multilingual support services. You may obviously use English as your primary language. However, when you provide customer support to your clients through your helpdesk, it is necessary to speak in the language they are comfortable in.

How can multilingual language support help your customers?

There are countless multilingual call center benefits.The overall customer experience hugely depends on the language you adopt while providing them with the desired support. You need a flawless communication strategy to evaluate the problem faced by your customer and act upon. Therefore, you need to resolve all communication gaps from the process. How easily the customers can communicate the issue to your help desk matters a lot. They would never want to repeat the same things when they get across to you. When customer care agents request them to explain their problems in a simpler way or speak in the primary language, the reputation of your firm suffers a dip.

A responsible company resolves the issue faced by the customer in the least possible time. Make sure that your client requires minimum effort to interpret the problem to you. Easy communication channels also cut down the time required to resolve the issue. This creates a more productive ecosystem for your company. The satisfaction level of your customers casts an effect on your reputation. Evidently, you can realize the importance of multilingual customer support in your help desks.

Rounding upon the desired language in your helpdesk

In order to determine the right language to be adopted, you need to assess the most requested languages at your help desk. Analyse the total volume of call, along with the percentage of request for a particular language. This will give you a comprehensive idea about the most commonly used language among your customers.

It is also necessary to track the calls according to demography. People in a particular region of a country may be requesting a specific language. In these cases, you need to set up a dedicated language support for a specific demographic group.

You may note that the requests come for more than one language. In these cases, you can compare the preference for a language by using certain tools. Next, you should dissect and measure metrics of the language people mostly prefer. The quality metrics vary from one language to another. You may have different cost requirements for different languages.

Determining the importance of a language

After conducting the metrics, it is necessary to know the relative importance of a particular language. Consider the investment you make on hiring professional companies offering multilingual email or chat support services, and the returns you get in terms of customer satisfaction. The assessment should also include the marketing potential of your company when you integrate the preferred language in tele-support provisions. When you have more than one option, this evaluation will help you to make a strategic decision.

Investigate available options

While investigating the available options, you should consider the means of communication. The commonly used channels are voice calls, chat support and messages, among others. You may prefer over-the phone interpretation (OPI) as the desired communication channel, as it is faster than other means. It is also cost effective and the customers can instantly understand the agents, when you integrate the preferred options.

However, chat support is also important, as it provides the necessary time to the customers to make a decision. You may also provide email support through your helpdesk. It is necessary to evaluate the technology for real-time transmission when you incorporate the desired language in emails and chats.

The fact that has to be understood is that different customer groups have different inclinations and hence multi-channel support is recommended, if you can actually afford it. This will make sure that you stay the favorite of all categories.

Now, in case if you find that one or two languages are necessary, you can simply hire bilingual customer service agents. However, make sure that these languages are in high demand.

Sometimes, you may have to incorporate more than one language, as per the demands of your customers. In these cases, instead of bilingual customer support, multilingual support services from a leading contact centre will turn out to be an effective solution.

After you round upon a particular language or multiple languages, you need to test them for a short period. If it turns out to be productive, you can hire these service providers on full scale.

Hire multilingual language support services only from best contact centres

It is extremely important to maintain the quality of calls. Partner only with a recognized call centre for multi-language support services. This will empower your helpdesk with the much-needed language support. The agents housed by reputed multilingual call centers will ensure easy interpretation of the issues faced by your customers and resolve them in a short time. Incorporate multilingual language support into your helpdesk to refine your customer’s experience. It will keep your customer base intact while you explore greater horizons in business.


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